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We appreciate you participating in Subway Listens. Take the survey at to be entered to win a complimentary cookie and fountain drink.

Take Subway Survey

The customer survey that Subway does aids in the improvement of the business., the main website, also contributes to the improvement of the meals.


Take Subway Survey

You may also be eligible to receive reward points for participating in the subwaylistens survey.

Thus, please take a moment to complete the subway customer satisfaction survey at A complimentary cookie or fountain drink might be yours.

Survey Rules Are Heard by Subway

Please make sure that all customers are aware of these conditions before taking the survey. The steps to take the subway listens poll are as follows.

  • First and foremost, you ought to be at least eighteen.
  • The ticket with the invitation code inscribed on it must then be present.
  • The most significant requirement is that the survey be completed within five days after the purchase.
  • Furthermore, each receipt is limited to one reward per receipt.
  • You can also remove your coupon code if necessary.

Take Subway Survey

How Can I Complete The Survey On Subwaylistens.Com?

One of the greatest restaurants when it comes to delicious sandwiches is Subway. It offers a free poll to its clients as a result.


Take Subway Survey

To participate in the Subway Listens/ca survey, click the link below.

  • You must visit the official poll site in order to start.
  • Secondly, complete every field on the main page, including the invitation code that is located on your ticket.
  • Third, click “Next” once the information has been completed. This will open a page with a poll.
  • Fourth, you should truly put everything down on paper, including your basic preferences, the speed at which you received service, your interactions with the staff, and so forth.
  • It will then ask you to write in the box below with your experience.
  • Clicking the “Finish” button is the final step. You can utilize the special deal code that results from this.

How Can the Subway Listens Survey Offer Code Be Redeemed?

The most crucial aspect is that, at the conclusion of the subway listens poll on the official Sistine website, you will receive an offer coupon.

To receive a complimentary small fountain drink or cookie, simply write down the code on your ticket and provide it to the Subway sandwich artist.

Concerning the Subway Restaurant

Take Subway Survey

It’s a fascinating tale of how a teacher and a student founded Subway. Right now, it’s among the fast-food chains with the quickest global growth.

In addition, Subway has around 40,000 locations worldwide, with its corporate headquarters located in Milford, Connecticut.


Take Subway Survey

The main factor contributing to Subway’s popularity is their delicious food. Here are a few delectable dishes that you may get at Subway:

  • Subway sandwich
  • just out of the oven muffins
  • Subway wraps
  • Chips in Chocolate
  • A ton of pizzas
  • salads made with vegetables

Because the train is located near your home, you can eat everything you want there, which is another awesome feature.

Thus, all you need to do is enter the address of the closest metro restaurant into Google to find out its location.


Take Subway Survey

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Take Subway Survey

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